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Hi everyone! With so many kit clubs out there, it is difficult to figure out which one is right for you. I’m on a mission to test out some kit clubs & offer some un-biased opinions on each kit. I don’t design for any of these kit clubs and I pay for my kits 100% out of my own pocket (with the exception of reviewing Inky Hot Mess). Below you will find information about the various monthly scrap kit clubs that I have been testing out. I’ve included pricing, perk info, shipping times, and (if applicable) my pros/cons. The pros/and cons are my opinion only. Feel free to leave me a comment about any of these kits if you are a subscriber or a former subscriber for any of them.

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Studio Calico Project Life Kit -Subbed for 6 months, no longer subscribed
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Cost: $25.49 including US shipping
Cancellation Fee: Can’t cancel in the first 6 months or there is a $15 cancellation fee. After 6 months you can cancel with no fees.
Sneak Peeks & Shipping Dates: Sneaks begin on the 14th of the month before in the sneak peeks section of the forum. Official sneak peeks appear on the website around the 25th. Kit add ons can be purchased by subscribers at NOON EST on the 27th each month. Official kit reveal is at midnight EST on the 28th (12hrs after subscribers can make purchases). Kits are supposed to ship before the 10th of the month (my first one shipped on the 6th so pretty early!)
Kit Member Perks: Lots of projects for inspiration. A pretty lively online community. 10% off digital products. 10% off classes. Members get to order add-ons 12 hours early (is that even a perk?! Spend more money?? LOL). Free US (at $79) & Canadian (at $99) shipping if your combined purchases for that month are a certain amount. Earn “Calico” points for your purchases (3 points per dollar for 1 kit subscription or 4 points per dollar for multiple kit subscriptions). Become a rewards member after 12 consecutive monthly kit purchases & then you begin earning 5 points for dollars spent (100points = $1).
Sami’s Pros: Kits feel jam packed with embellishments & journaling cards. As soon as I signed up, I was hooked. I really love their style & the supplies really “speak” to me creatively. The blog and message boards are both hopping. Great gallery & inspiration. The design team does an amazing job on their projects.
Sami’s Cons: The silly cancellation fee!! Also, you can’t skip, only cancel & re-sign up. Kits sell out super duper fast sometimes, like within minutes so if you aren’t there at noon or midnight on reveal day, you are out of luck!
My reason for canceling: The kits are on the expensive side for what you get (although I loved their exclusive items in the kits & the quality is superb) & their shipping rates are really high. Overall, I just wasn’t using up enough of the supplies & I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I did enjoy my kits & if I had the extra money & would use all the stuff, I would definitely sign up again in the future.
Bottom Line: An all around great kit with plenty of inspiration offered. If you like bright colors with a bit of trendy and a bit of funky, fresh style, then this is the kit for you!

Freckled Fawn OHDEERME Embellishment Kit -Currently subscribed to this kit
When subscribing, tell them Samantha Peyton sent you & we both receive $5 off.
Cost: $33.45 including US shipping (36.99canada/ 41.99 international)
Cancellation Fee: $5 cancellation fee if you cancel in the first 6 months. Can cancel for free after the first 6 months.
Sneak Peeks & Shipping Dates: Sneaks begin on the 20th and are posted to the Freckled Fawn website, facebook page, & instagram. On the 1st, the full kit reveal happens at noon MST. Subscribers can purchase add ons during Subscriber  Shop Hours from the 1st @noon MST  through the 3rd.
Kit Member Perks: Add-on embellishments are 10% off for subscribers. During Subscriber Shop Hours (1st-3rd), anything extra you purchase only costs $1.59 extra to ship no matter how much you purchase. Receive $5 off the regular kit prices, even past kits. Occasional special discounts and offers.
Sami’s Pros: Kit contents are unique & exclusive. Embellishments so far have been really high quality. So far I’ve seen their flair, wood chips (wood veneers), washi, epoxy brads, resins, acrylic shapes, vellum stickers, rubber banners, and stamps & everything was superb! The rolls of wash tape included are HUGE! You get a great variety of different items. The stamp set is high quality photopolymer & NOT a cheapy clear stamp set. There are sometimes additional exclusive items to go along with the kits & sometimes you can purchase extras of the items sold in the kits if you want more of a certain embellishment.
Sami’s Cons: The kit is on the pricey side. Some embellishments come in multiples, this can be a good or a bad thing. Their blog & facebook link are broken on their main website in some places so you have to find them by searching for them. Hard to find a lot of inspiration using the kits. Their gallery is showing up as a Pinterest board for each month, but there hasn’t been a new board for the last two months. Also, the blog is only updated a few times a week & 2 of the times (Desktop Monday & Color Crush) are not even kit inspiration.
Bottom Line: It’s on the pricier side, but the kits are jam packed with high quality, exclusive supplies. This is a great kit club if you are looking for an embellishment only kit.


Scraptastic This Life Noted Kit -tried for 3 months
Cost: $33.50 including US shipping ($35 Canada/ $37 Intl)
Cancellation Policy: Can cancel at any time with no fees.
Sneak Peeks & Shipping Dates: Sneak peeks start 25th of the month before (log into your account & look under kits section to see the sneaks). Kits start shipping around the 1st of the month.
Kit Member Perks: Access to add-ons before they are publicly available. Blog inspiration. Forum & member gallery.
Sami’s Pros: Lots of embellishments in the kits. The kit style is really beautiful. Big stamp set included. They have great inspiration on their blog which I really enjoy.
Sami’s Cons: Pretty pricey for what you get. I wish the kit came with more journaling cards. They have a more muted type of style to their cards & I am usually a bright color loving kind of girl. Definitely not a fan of the cutaway card/tags piece.
Bottom Line: A great kit if you want an assortment of embellishments & don’t mind cutaway cards. If you are into REALLY trendy, then this kit is for you.
My reason for canceling: This kit was just way too trend oriented for me. The style just didn’t work for me very well. I feel like this kit offered the least product for the money


Gossamer Blue Life Pages Kit -tried for 3 months
Cost: $25.95 including US shipping
Cancellation Fee: Can cancel at any time with no fees.
Sneak Peeks & Shipping Dates: Sneaks seem to begin around the 15th of the month before & can be found in the Sneak Peeks section of the Community Forum. Kits start shipping on the 5th of the month.
Kit Member Perks: Only up to $2 additional shipping (based on weight) is charged if you purchase any add-ons to ship with your kit. Can purchase add -ons 24hours before they are available in the store. “Post 4 layouts each month to our gallery using our kits and receive a free album in the 6th month to house those 20 layouts.
Sami’s Pros: Price is great for what you get. So far I am loving the large alphas included in the kits. Great 3×4 & 4×6 cards with great colors & I love the style of the kits. Big stamp set included. Their blog is updated daily with great inspiration.
Sami’s Cons: My first month, it didn’t seem like a lot of embellishments in this kit because it included a few full sized larger embellishment packs. The second month seemed to have more variety in embellishments. Their forum & gallery is wonky & only some people can access them, while other customers (LIKE ME) cannot access either one. It’s pretty sucky being excluded from things because of an unknown issue that the owners have yet to resolve.
Bottom Line: A great kit club if you like bright colors and larger packs of embellishments rather than small samplings of embellishments. I feel like you get a good amount for your money.
My reason for canceling: I thought the kit was great value & liked all the kits I received. It was just a simple matter of USING everything I am receiving, & I was getting too much stuff each month. I just liked Studio Calico a tiny bit more. And it was totally lame that I couldn’t participate in their community because of their website problems.


Inky Hot Mess -received one kit for reviewing
Cost: $21.95
Cancellation Fee: Can cancel at any time with no fees.
Sneak Peeks & Shipping Dates: ????
Kit Member Perks: ????
Sami’s Pros: Price is reasonable for this kit. I feel like you get a lot for your money. The kit comes nicely packaged so all the supplies don’t get damaged in the mail. You get a great assortment of full size embellishment packs and samplers of embellishments. Their wood veneers & flair are super cute. You get a ton of journaling cards with the kits.
Sami’s Cons: The kit is mostly journaling cards, which are non-exclusive to the kit. They are simply cut down from various patterned papers. There are also lots of duplicates of each pattern. There are actually very few journaling card specific designs included, most are just patterned papers. This is great for someone who likes to make their own journaling cards, but it definitely isn’t for me.
Bottom Line: I thought the kit was a good price for what you get. This would be a great kit for someone who doesn’t already have a ton of journaling cards (maybe a beginner who hasn’t had time to collect supplies yet) and it would also be a good kit for someone who likes to make their own handmade journaling cards. The patterned paper journaling cards would work well for someone who likes to make their own cards.
Used this kit on two process videos here and here!

14 thoughts on “Kit Club Comparison Cheat Sheet

  1. Samantha, thanks a lot for this information! I’ve spent great time reading this:) can I use your comparison in my article about kit-clubs (of course, with the link to your post!)? I really loved the work you did:)

  2. What do you mean by a cut-away card? I’m just curious, If I were to subscribe to any it would definitely be SC because of my love of their products [I buy kits when I totally love them, but I can’t justify a subscription, I just have too much stuff as is].

    Thanks for the comparison 🙂

    1. By cut-away card I mean it is like a 4×6 card you get that is full of labels and various printed out shapes that you are supposed to cut apart & then use. I find it way too annoying to try to cut apart the little shapes. You can see the cut-away card in the latest Scraptastic kit about 8 minutes into this video: (I tried to link to the correct part so you can see the card).

      1. Oh okay, thanks! Yeah, that would be annoying. Especially because I have a silhouette so if I wanted something like that I’d rather have something that allows me to use the print/cut function.

    1. They send your subscription kits automatically every month before the 10th of the month, BUT they do a big reveal night & have lots of add-on kits & add-on items that you can purchase to ship WITH your regular subscription kits. Those add-on kits are what sell out super quickly sometimes.

  3. Thanks for this info. When you say the kits sell out super fast for studio calico are you talking about the ad on kits? Also if I were to sign up today, would I get a February kit? Thanks so much!

    1. Hey, Emily. Oh no, I just mean the add-ons. The regular monthly kits seem to be available a lot longer than just release day. The add-ons are what sell out SUPER FAST. If you sign up now, you start with the Feb kits. And they are the kits I think are the most beautiful ones so far. You can go to SC , scroll to top & check under Kits > This Month’s Kits . There you can see all the Feb stuff.

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