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4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Submissions

  1. So, here’s my goofy tip [who doesn’t need a good giggle?] and anyone who has stamped with me can attest – I DO it! When you’re stamping, wear black or dark-colored pants. Then when [not “if”!] you get ink on your fingers, instead of looking for something “normal” to wipe them on, wipe on the waistband of your pants – it’s always right there! [Make sure your Mom isn’t around!] The ink will either wash out or blend in. [Hee-hee!]

  2. Hi – I just wrote a hint for “Tips and Tricks” and couldn’t see where to click to submit. I went down to the “comments” section and clicked there – when I went back up, my message was gone, but I’m not sure if it went through. Could you please let me know? Thanks!
    Laura Holt

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