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I created my blog in 2008 to share my crafting projects with my small group of friends. Little did I know, the blog would take on a force of its own – with over 1000 page views a day and over 2500 Youtube subscribers. I love sharing what I love with my readers and as a part of that, I like to do reviews and giveaways for them as my way of saying THANK YOU to all my lovely readers. If you would like to advertise on my blog or offer an item for review or giveaway, then read on!


I accept advertising in the form of 125 x 125 buttons on my front page that link back to your website.

I do not accept advertising containing adult content, profanity, or anything that is not family-friendly. You must have a button already as I do not create them. I accept Paypal payments only.  I also do not accept flashing buttons. The buttons can be animated, but must not flash.

Advertising rates are monthly and start at $20 per month. Pre-payment is expected. At the end of your advertising term, your button will be posted on my sponsors page for a period of time.

Other ad options:
500X100 banner at the top of my blog << $125 per month
120X240 banner on the left side, midway down the page << $45 per month

Sponsor a Blog Post -$25 each
I will write a regular blog post and then sponsorship info will be posted at the end of the post before the signature line. The sponsored by blurb will contain a couple of sentences about the sponsor, one link, and one small logo/graphic to go along with it. These will remain as part of our blog content indefinitely.


If you would like me to talk about your product or website, a guest post is a great way to do that. We will work together to come up with content that we are both comfortable with, and then your post will be added to my blog.  These posts will remain as part of my blog content indefinitely including a link back to your website.

Guest Posts start at $100 per post and I will only take a limited number of these per month.


If you would like to sponsor a review with a giveaway on my blog, please contact me with specific product information. Please include product names, relevant product links, and information about your company so that I can decide if your product is relevant for my readers.

Products are expected for a product review & to giveaway & review posts are $35.

Additional Information:

* Reviews will be posted within 30 days of receipt of product and a link to the review post will be sent to you.

* I only accept reviews that are appropriate for my family and my readers.


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